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The Rival Prep program is designed to give more cheerleaders the chance experience and participate in All-Star Cheerleading. This is great for athletes who are new to the sport of competitive cheerleading. It was created for those athletes and families who would prefer less of a time commitment, lower cost and would like to compete locally.

Rival Prep 2018 information to be released soon! 


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Being a part of the Rival competitive program requires serious commitment. Our success is greatly determined by our participant’s attendance as well as our family’s ability to meet the financial commitment required by the sport. Anyone wishing to join the Rival competitive program should carefully consider all requirements before making the decision to commit.

Competitive athletes typically practice 4-5 hours/week. On occasion, especially during competition season (August-April), athletes can potentially practice up to 8 hours/week.  All of our practices mandatory and there are very few exceptions to this policy. Athletes are expected to attend all practices, maintain and improve their skills, and demonstrate the ability to work with others in a positive and healthy way. Families are expected to meet all of their financial obligations in accordance with our payment schedule.

Please take into consideration all extracurricular activities, academic obligations and financial requirements before committing to our competitive program..


​Tumbling classes at Rival are skill driven. This means no pointless stations or waiting in long lines. Everything we do in a class is to better improve our athletes performance and technique. We do our absolute best to keep all of our athletes moving throughout our 55 minute classes. Please see our Registration page for class options and descriptions.